Canada is home.

Photo gallery: Summer of 2020

Driving across Canada (3 part series)

Alberta wildflowers

Alberta and B.C. birds

Cycling the p’tit train du nord, Quebec (2 part series)


We visited Japan Nov-Dec 2018.  What a wonderful and fascinating country.

Kumano Kodo (three-part series)

Nakasendo Way (four-part series)

Photo gallery: Tokyo



We’ve been visiting Britain yearly for the past four years to hike some of the wonderful long-distance routes in Wales and England.

How to organize a long-distance hike in Britain

Isle of Anglesey (five-part series)

Southwest Coast Path: Somerset and Devon (three-part series)

Hiking Cornwall (five-part series)



Jordan is an amazing country to visit. It is full-on Middle East. It has amazing sights, superb food, and very friendly people. In April of 2014 we spent a week touring around by car. We visited Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and a number of other sights.

A visit to Jordan

Hiking in Petra (2 part series)

Exploring Wadi Rum (2 part series)


Republic of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia is a fascinating country.  There are huge mountains, arid grassy plains, wonderful food, hospitable people.  And wine.

A visit to the Republic of Georgia

Photo gallery: Old Tbilisi

Food and drink in Georgia

Traveling to Kazbegi

Hiking Kazbegi

Doing the cha-cha in Kakheti




Norway is a spectacular country.  We visited the Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway.

Car touring northern Norway(four-part series)

Photo gallery: Sakrisøy



We’ve been to Portugal quite a few times now.  It’s a wonderful country that has us coming back again and again.

Hiking on São Miguel, Azores (4 part series)

Staying in a windmill, Alentejo

Portuguese beaches: Vila Nova de Milfontes

Hiking a section of the Rota Vicentina

Hiking Madeira’s levadas



Greece is a wonderful country with hospitable people. More to come.

Hiking Santorini

Photo gallery: Santorini churches



We have returned to spain again and again.  More to come…

Hiking Laxe to Camelle, Galicia

Hiking Tenerife (two-part series)



48 hours in Chicago



Cycling Terschelling Island