Santorini’s churches

The Greek Cyclades islands have a distinct architectural style.  Houses are square with flat roofs, and the Orthodox churches have dome-shaped roofs.  All buildings are whitewashed, and doors and window frames are painted blue.  Add a clear blue sky and you have an interesting subject for a photographer.  The simple pattern and color palette turns the subject almost into an abstract, reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s early landscapes.

When I was in Santorini I had one day with crystal clear skies.  I put a polarizer on the front of my lens and shot the buildings and churches in the harsh midday light, which results in almost a posterized look.  I know this is not an original approach and it’s been done a thousand times before.  But I enjoyed seeing and capturing the beauty of Santorini this way.  So here is my kick at the can.



Photo gallery: Santorini churches