On a sunny September day, my friend Darren and I hiked the Iceline trail in Yoho Park.  The trail begins at Takkakkaw Falls.


Takkakaw Falls empty into the Yoho River.  The views here provide glimpses of the glaciers above.


The trail begins by switchbacking up a steep treed slope.  There are occasional views of the falls across the valley.


After a while we reached treeline.


The trail then goes on a long ascending traverse, and soon the first glacier comes into view.


Although the name of this outing is “iceline trail”, the glaciers have receded to the point where the trail should maybe be renamed “moraine trail”.  Ahead were some pretty proglacial lakes.


There was a waterfall below the snout of the glacier.


In the cliffs above the glacier we spotted some interesting folds.


Darren is as much of a shutterbug as I am, and we enjoyed taking photos of the incredible scenery.


Darren taking pictures from a viewpoint.


We spotted a family of ptarmigans.  Ptarmigans are pigeon-sized birds who live in the alpine environment year-round.  They have large feet insulated with feathers to help them get around in the snow.


This ptarmigan strutted proudly in front of me.



It was neat to observe these birds in their environment.


A small pond reflected Mount McArthur.


Glacial silt is responsible for giving these lakes such a brilliant aquamarine colour.


There was an aquamarine blue lake below the Vice Predident and the President – two tall peaks in this area.


At the highest point of the trail, we stopped to take photos.


The views encompassed the little Yoho Valley and Mount McArthur.


We returned the way we came.


Iceline Trail