A flock of waxwings visited my garden this morning.  In the span of about 1/2 hour they stripped my ash tree of berries.  It was -28C outside, and I’m sure these birds need a lot of fuel to stay warm.




Here are some Bighorn sheep.  Radium Hot Springs, BC.  At this time of the year the sheep are at their healthiest and strongest.  These rams are built of solid muscle.  I was hoping for a bout of headbutting, but I didn’t get to see a fight.




Bald Eagle, Near Kimberley, BC.




Black-capped chickadees



Mountain chickadees.  These look just a little bit different than the more common black-capped chickadees.  Note the white stripe above the eye.



White-breasted nuthatch.


Photostream – winter 2021-22