Upper Kananaskis Lake at night.


Mount Kidd and the Milky Way, Kananaskis.


They left the car in the driveway and walked away from the farm…


Coyote in a stubble field.


Fall colours in the badlands near Tolman.


Moonrise, Rowley.


Selfie at night, with the Big Dipper above me.


I photographed these house finches eating lilac seeds from my home office.  I had to shoot through dirty window glass which reduced the image quality, but nonetheless I managed to get a few keepers.  An aspen tree changing colour provided a nice background.


I photographed the October 11th aurora at the Dogpound rodeo grounds.  It was mostly a diffuse aurora with a few moments of bright, fast-moving ripples.





Here is a view with my fisheye lens.


While waiting between active sets of the aurora, I set up my star tracker and photographed the Andromeda galaxy.  The small galaxy above it is known as Messier object M110.


Homestead near Carbon, Alberta.


Barn.  Sharples, Alberta.


Sharples is a ghost town just east of Carbon.  It has an abandoned grain elevator.



Sharples elevator at night.


The northern Milky Way over the badlands at Morrin Bridge.


The southern Milky Way.  The bright dot in the center just above the horizon is Saturn, and the really bright reddish dot to the left of it is Jupiter.


Aspen woods on the way to Eagle Hill, Sibbald Lake area, Kananaskis.


Fireweed gone to seed.


Osprey on its aerie, Sibbald Lake area.


Unidentified songbird in my back yard.

Photostream – fall 2021