I found a stilt wading through a marsh.  Rochon Sands, Alberta.


Stilt at Rochon Sands.


Stilt in flight



Female red-winged blackbird, Rochon Sands.


Male red-winged blackbird calling out.


Owl in a barn, near Trochu.



This Eastern Kingbird had a nest in the eavestrough of our cottage at Rochon Sands.  We watched it come and go.


Blue-winged teal, Rochon Sands.


Diana and her father, chilling out on a very hot day.



Diana swims in Buffalo Lake, trying to keep cool while under the “heat dome”



Sunset, Buffalo Lake.


The night sky at Bev Anderson’s farm.  Some noctilucent clouds were visible on the horizon.


There were fireflies in Bev Anderson’s farmyard.



Eastern kingbird, near Kimberley, British Columbia.


Eastern kingbird, chirping.


Chipping sparrows perching on weathered boards of an old corral.



Damselflies perching on stalks of grass.  These pretty insects are experts at hunting mosquitos, snatching them out of mid-air.







While visiting my parents in British Columbia, we tried to beat the summer heat by going to the lake.


My brother and his wife recently bought a 270-acre piece of land with amazing views of the surrounding mountains.  They are picking possible building sites, and Diana and I walked their land with them to have a look around.


Western grebe, Rochon Sands


Pelican, Rochon Sands.


I shot this hummingbird resting at Rochon Sands.

Photostream – summer 2021