This is part two of our West Coast Trail hike.  Read part 1.

Day 3.  Tsusiat Falls to Cribs Creek

Most of the morning was spent hiking through the forest.


There were some good views of the sea along the way.



As we approached Nitnat Narrows, there were some beautiful groves of old-growth cedar.


Much of the boardwalk was in a poor state of repair.


At Nitnat Narrows, the ferryman took us across to the other shore, where his house was.  He offered to cook us a meal: the choices were crab or salmon, both locally caught.  We ordered one of each.  It was delicious.


Beyond Nitnat Narrows there was more beautiful old-growth forest.  A few more hours of hiking took us to Cribs Creek.  We set up out tent and relaxed.


We soaked up some late-day sunshine.


Evening scenery.



Day 4.  Cribs Creek to Walbran Creek

We woke up to a beautiful clear day.  Today was our first wedding anniversary.  We both thought that we were celebrating in style, with this hike.


Here is another hiker getting a start on the day.


Much of today’s hike was along beaches.  There were some pretty sea stacks along the way.



Near Carmanah Creek is an aboriginal settlement.  The locals operate a little cafe called “Chez Moniques.”  We ordered some goodies, and we chatted with Max and Silke, a Swiss couple.


Beyond Chez Moniques was more beach hiking.


Looking back towards the Carmanah lighthouse.


Beach hiking involves finding the easiest route along the shore.  Sometimes this means walking on sand or gravel, and sometimes this means going out a bit on the sandstone ribs and sand laid bare by the low tide.


Big stump.


We came across this family of river otters going out for a swim.  Yes, river otters also swim in the sea, and not just in fresh water.  There are also sea otters in this area, but we didn’t see any.  We did see cougar prints in the sand along this part of the hike.


Wonderful coastal scenery between Carmanah and Walbran Creeks.


Continue to part 3, the final leg of the hike.



In part 1 of our hike, I describe the logistics of organizing a West Coast Trail hike.

  • Tsusiat Falls to Cribbs Creek is 16 kilometers
  • Cribs Creek to Walbran Creek is 12 kilometers
Hiking the West Coast Trail: Tsusiat Falls to Walbran Creek