Here are two housefinches relaxing in a crabapple tree on a cold, snowy day in April.  Like most finches, housefinches form strong male-female bonds.


Here are some purple finches.  They look slightly different than housefinches.



This male goldfinch is molting, shedding its white-grey winter plumage and growing in bright yellow feathers.  It’s the awkward phase.


This other goldfinch is almost done molting, and is donning its summer feathers.


Here is a robin trying to hide in some foliage.  However the tree hasn’t leafed out yet.


White-breasted nuthatch.  Nuthatches like to point downward.  When they creep up and down trees this way, they spot grubs hiding in the bark that other birds miss.


Dark-eyed junco.


This western bluebird was very skittish when I tried to photograph it.




Tree swallow on a wire.

Photostream – spring 2022