I’ve decided to start posting photos as I take them.


Housefinch in my yard, on a rainy day.


Northern Shoveler, in a pond in Calgary suburb Auburn Bay.



In the same pond I spotted a horned grebe.


Avocets, Shepard wetlands, southeast Calgary.



This duck is called Barrow’s Goldeneye.  I found it in a beaver pond in Kananaskis country.


I found this owl perched in an aspen tree, in a coulee near Irricana.


Enlargement of the previous picture.


It was very patient while I photographed it from various angles.


Killdeer, on the shore of Buffalo Lake.


Killdeer have a bright red ring around the eye.  I hadn’t noticed this until I looked at my pictures.


Here is a red-necked grebe in Buffalo Lake.  I’ve only seen these birds in large lakes and never in small sloughs.  They make a racket that can be heard from a long distance away.


A red-winged blackbird perches on some reeds beside Buffalo Lake.


Nearby, a muskrat was contemplating what to gnaw on next.


A robin was hopping around a grassy patch, looking for insects.


Male house sparrow.


A pelican flew by.


After spotting a place to land, the pelican descended and put out its landing gear.


A northern shoveler, a type of duck, was paddling around a slough.


Boreal Chickadees, roaming the forest near the toe of Robertson Glacier, Kananaskis.




A mountain chickadee, photographed at the same location.


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