Aurora on April 17th.



Aurora above the Dogpound Rodeo Grounds.



On the horizon, in the direction the telephone wire is going, is a setting crescent moon.


Aurora Borealis.


Gate near Big Hill Springs.


Aurora near Big Hill Springs.


Mule deer doe.


Cycling at sunrise near Cochrane.  Photo by Diana.


Glenbow Ranch Homestead with Moose Mountain in the background.


Grain elevators at Rowley, Alberta.  Stars tracked with my Star Adventurer star tracker.


Pumpjack near Erskine, Alberta:


Geese on the frozen Red Deer River:



Practicing my telemark ski turns in Kananaskis country:



I skied to Shadow Lake in Banff Park.  Here are some pictures of Shadow Lake and Mount Ball:



Spruce grouse.


Diana gave me a star tracker for Christmas.  A star tracker compensates for rotation of the Earth so that you can take photos of celestial objects without them moving in the frame during exposure.  I recently took it out to Kananaskis country to test my setup.  There was a lot of skyglow from the city, but the equipment performed beautifully and I had fun fiddling with gear in the -15C cold.


The Christmas conjunction.  Jupiter and its moons on the left, and Saturn with its rings is on the right.  Shot with a 600 mm lens, and strongly cropped.


Mount Lyautey and the big rockslide at upper Kananaskis Lake.


Ski season came early this year.  I have been cross-country skiing since October – probably my earliest start ever.  Here is a trail in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.


Here is a housefinch, nibbling on lilac seeds in my garden.


Here is a coyote.  We found it napping on our lawn in front of our house.  When I came out with my camera it lazily got up and scampered away.


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