On Sunday April 23, an aurora was predicted to occur.  I was keen to get out, but the sky was overcast.  But from my balcony I spotted a little area to the west of Calgary where there appeared to be a hole in the clouds.  I got in the car and tried to find it.

The hole was just west of Mount Yamnuska.  I set up in a clearing looking towards Loder Peak.  Along with some minor auroral activity was a waxing moon that lit up the mountains.


Although dim, I could make out lots of different colours.  Usually, minor auroras only produce green.

After a while the hole in the clouds shifted to the west.  I set up at Jura Creek trailhead and waited for activity.  Finally, at about a quarter to one the activity picked up.




I only had a few minutes of shooting before the clouds thickened up and blocked the view.  It was like Mother Nature pulled the curtains shut and said: Show’s over, time to go home.


Exshaw aurora